WCB Collabo of the year – Rayvanny and Zuchu drop new HIT Number One

New WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby!) Records signee Zuchu (Zuhura Kopa) has for the first time been featured on a collaboration with BET Winner Rayvanny (Raymond Shaban). The new song is called Number ONE, and it is one of those songs where the artistes are out to display their vocal ranges.

The Song is produced by WCB’s finest producer Lizer Classic (Ayo Lizer!) together with Zest (Zest on the beat ladies and gentlemen!) who’s known for many of Aslay’s songs.

The beat seems to borrow a lot from Rayvanny’s Grammy considered album Flowers – particularly the song Te Amo ft. Messias Maricoa. However, the melodies are very different, and it is a very catchy song!

Favourite lyric:

Rayvanny: nishatafuna karanga…Sasa chumba ndio kiwanda watoto tuu

Zuchu: Filimbi nitapuliza kuita ndegee wajeee…Raha zimefululiza kwako ntatokaje

Have a listen:

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