Murder suspect in Lawyer Elizabeth kioki’s Death.

Kenyan authorities have engaged Interpol to reveal the identity and nationality of a fitness trainer accused of killing Nairobi lawyer Elizabeth Koki in January this year. After her murder, he went to a lodging and was arrested while trying to flee to Kampala, Uganda. He was to travel from Nairobi to Kampala on January 9, just two days after the murder. He will remain in custody until the murder trial is closed or the court issues further orders.

He claimed the lawyer was his wife and he intended to formalise their union, but, a pre-bail report painted a different picture, someone in multiple relationships and always on the move. It also indicated that he would befriend ladies whom he would cohabit with for short periods and then end the relationship and keep on changing residence while in Kenya.

The accused has numerous names, he has different names on each of his passports for both South Africa and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese travel pass recovered from him had the name Eric Kambayi Katalayi while the mobile phone number he was using indicated the registered owner as Zukiswa Nomganga, a South African national. While he claimed his name is Kadima Euloge, thus a need to verify his true identity and nationality from Interpol. The suspect’s father resides in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his mother lives in South Africa and the siblings in other countries.

In rejecting the bail application, the prosecution explained it would be unsafe to admit him on bond as there is a high likelihood that he might not turn up for his trial adding the accused is a fugitive from justice as there are claims that he is wanted in South Africa for an offence of assault in which he skipped bail.

Earlier the court appointed a pro bono counsel for him but he declined opting to defend himself instead. He has since denied committing the murder and pleaded with the court to release him on bond to enable him reach his relatives and organise for his case. He accused the prosecution of spreading propaganda against him to ensure that he remains behind bars during the trial.

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