The rising cost of living in the country.

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As the reading of the budget approached there were so many expectations. But just a few days after the implementation of the new proposed bill and the cost of living has sky rotated. It is clear we have severe economic problems and if we do not address them then the situation may worsen. For starters, the budget proposed this year was way beyond our means. It has heavily affected the cost of living which was already high due to covid19. From an increase in gas and fuel prices, taxation on mobile charges and loans, to an increase in interest rates loans. While many people are still earning half what they use to earn while others do not have any jobs. How are Kenyans supposed to survive in this economy?

The burden of taxes is disheartening as some of the taxes we are paying are used to pay the money borrowed by the country at high-interest rates. There is also a lack of accountability, poor decision making and oversight of the executive. Maybe it is time there is a discussion on the cost of running the country. But we do know for sure that it is time the country considers ways to reduce its spending.

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