Garrisa’s Women Rep with all-female bodyguards.

Garissa County Woman Representative, Anab Gure has created whispers. The outspoken politician has left many astonished after a photo emerged of two armed women standing next to her dressed in Muslim attire. The women are said to be the politician’s bodyguards.

Stating that she prefers women bodyguards as her security detail. Claiming it has an added advantage.

“There are some women’s personal items I can forget to carry but find that my bodyguards have them in their bags. There are also some talks that I cannot express when I have a male bodyguard,” she said.

This, however, was not the first time she was accompanied by her female bodyguards, her bodyguards are always with her. But, this was the first time her all-female bodyguards were seen in public.

This has left many people debating whether all women leaders should have all-female bodyguards. One of them was Kamukunji political aspirant Alinur Mohammed, who asked whether gender equality among lawmakers should extend to their bodyguards.Nominated Senator Falhada Dekow backed Ms Gure’s sentiments on female bodyguards.

“Yes, the female leaders should have female bodyguards. Margaret Thatcher once said that if you want anything said ask a man but if you want anything done ask a woman. Anything men do, women can do better,” she said.

But people noted that Ms Gure is following in the footsteps of Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu, who had an all-female security team when she visited Kenya in early May. President Suluhu’s security team was one of the highlights of her arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and State House in Nairobi.

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