Woman arrested for faking pregnancy.

Elizabeth Syokau Musembi tried to gain access to the maternity wing of Kenyatta National Hospital. Equipped with an antenatal booklet, Elizabeth arrived at the hospital posing as a heavily pregnant woman about to go into labour. Security guards at the facility became suspicious and alerted police of a woman who was trying to pass herself off as a maternity patient. It was later realised the suspect had stuffed pieces of clothes on her stomach to appear like she was pregnant and get admitted into the labour ward. Investigating officer Jackeline Makumba told the court that after her arrest, the suspect underwent a pregnancy test that turned negative.

“My aim of going to KNH was not to steal a baby but to look for a baby that had been deserted by the mother,” she defended herself.

At her arrest, Musembi told police that she was barren and had been desperately looking for a child for many years. But the preliminary investigation found that Musembi has three children, according to documents tabled in court by the investigating officer .

Kilimani OCPD Andrew Muturi believes that Musembi would have stolen a baby hadn’t the security officers not raised an alarm.

In his ruling, Mr Ochoi ordered the accused be detained at capital Hill Police Station for three days to enable police to complete investigations.

From a 2019 report by the National Crime and Research Centre, close to 30 missing children cases are reported daily. This is due to the high value the African society places on children.

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