Ugandan national arrested over killing.

Suleiman Mayanja, a Ugandan national, is a suspect in the killing of a 25-year-old. The foreigner is said to have entered Kenya through the border point in Busia sometime last month. He was arrested on Monday evening at the Nyali Cinemax, where he was reportedly hiding and is awaiting arraignment.

A police report indicates Mayanja, who entered the country on September 1, and the deceased did not know each other. ” They had met a day before at a popular joint, where they made merry and imbibed a few drinks,” read the report. Thus, The Monday 3 am meeting was only their second meeting as the deceased joined Mayanja in his apartment, where she, unfortunately, met her demise.

A guard discovered the deceased’s half-dressed body at the apartment conducting a routine patrol. She was allegedly thrown off the apartment’s bedroom balcony.

Mayanja sent a runner to collect his belongings from the room he booked on September 30, when detectives arrested him. It turns out; undercover cops had laid an ambush for him in the apartment.

The arrest comes just a day after two bodies were recovered in Kilifi’s Mtwapa area. The two, a man and a woman, fell from an apartment in an incident that shocked residents.

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