Uncertainty in drought-stricken areas as schools reopen.

As primary schools are set to reopen for a second term, there has been feat that most of the students are not likely to return to school. Schools have warned of run out of supplies for the school feeding programmes and are  concerned that students, particularly those who walk long distances, will stay away.

Hundreds of students are unlikely to return to school Baringo and Laikipia counties due to devastation brought about by drought and bandit attacks. From reports parents in drought-stricken areas have moved their school-aged children further afield in search of water and pasture for their livestock and domestic use. 

If no immediate action is taken to provide food to institutions in arid  and semi-arid areas,most  of them will close due to low enrollment. Children in such areas will not attend school if there is no food to offer.  The government should seek immediate interventions to address the situation so as not to record school dropouts.

Locals in the affected villages are on the verge of starvation,  with families going without food for days,  a situation they said could worsen.  Several elderly, children,  and women are helpless,  as they are left alone in their homes while the able members of their families seek water and pasture.

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