A teenage couple stabbed in Umoja.

Leilah Truphena,  and Eric Maina  Njeri,  eighteen,  were murdered in their Umoja home. Though it is unclear when the incident occurred,  their bodies were discovered on Monday after an odour of decomposition alerted the neighbours.

Speaking to the police,  the man’s brother stated that he attempted to contact Maina for three days, prompting a search for him. The couple is believed to have been killed by people who broke into the flat on Friday night, according to a neighbour who requested anonymity, they heard shouts and screams coming from the flat.

The couple was viciously stabbed to death multiple times, and their home was ransacked. Electronics and other valuables were stolen.  Furthermore, their one-bedroom house was locked from the  outside,  leading police to believe the theft was an attempt to keep them  from discovering the motive behind the murder.

The young couple appears to have led a lifestyle that other teenagers could only dream of.  According to the house’s caretaker, Maina had relatives leaving abroad who regularly sent rent and upkeep fees. Their bodies were transported to a mortuary for a postmortem examination. After which investigations into their death will be launched. 

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