DCI Kinoti in trouble.

A Nairobi court on Thursday, November 18, ordered Kenya’s Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to spend four months in prison for failing to obey a court order.This comess after Mr Kinoti defied court order compelling him to return firearms confiscated from businessman Jimi Wanjigi. He also failed to appear in court in September following a summon by the judge. He was sentenced to four months at kamiti prison.

Homa Bay Women Representative Gladys Wanga has accused the judiciary of being too hard on the executive in its recent ruling. she said nobody is listening to Kinoti’s side of the issue. While seeking the suspension of the judiciary ruling made on 18th this month, the Attorney General, Kihara kariuki argued that the contempt of court brought against DCI Kinoti was without basis as he was not at liberty to release the said firearms. Kihara explained the mandate of releasing the guns rested with Kenya Firearms and Licensing board. The court has not suspend the sentence but ordered a hearing on 25th.

Wanjigi’s residence was raided in 2017 by DCI officers and seven firearms were seized. However, in 2019, the High Court rule ordered the guns to be returned to the businessman. However, The guns were never returned to the entrepreneur even after the court ordered the DCI in February 2021 to assure Wanjigi gets his firearms back, but the instructions were disregarded.

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