Retirement Age for Civil Servants.

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Irungu Nyakera former Devolution Permanent Secretary as slammed the Geriatric Bill 2021 which seeks to have retired civil servants rehired back by the government terming the bill as progressive saying that instead, the retirement age for civil servants should be lowered from 60 to 55 to pave the way for employment opportunities for the youth. 

Claiming the civil service does not absorb younger people. He added that reducing the retirement age will pave way for new people. Creating a way of mentoring them through the system. Stating About 15 per cent of civil servants are below 40 years old and 35 per cent between 40 and 50, and 50 per cent above 50 so if there are mentors who are required, they are already there. He further stated that civil servants on the threshold of retirement should hand down skills to younger staff instead of clinging to power. The reason for the retirement age is very clear is that by 60 if there is anything to be passed on to others it needs to be done timely.

according to the Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wambuchomba, The Geriatric Bill 2021 if passed into law, will see retired teachers, security officers and medics return to employment in a bid to provide for the well-being, safety and security of the elders. The bill seeks to improve the living conditions of older members of society by providing for their rights to human dignity, safety and security, education, health and equality and non-discrimination.

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