Dead woman in a suitcase dumped at the GSU Recee Station.

On Monday the 17th of January the body of a young woman was found dumped outside the GSU Recee squad camp at Kiambu area in Ruiru, Kiambu County.
According to the juba sub-county police commander, Dorothy Migurasha, the woman believed the early twenties was hacked to death. From police, the report, the body of the young woman was stashed in a sack and put in a black suitcase with the hands tied at the back and both legs as well.
She was also tied around the neck with a nylon rope, had a deep cut on her left breast, with writings on both her chest and palms, ‘bwana ya mtu ni sumu’.
According to locals, the body was discovered around 530pm by a pedestrian. The police commander said that the woman may have been killed somewhere else and dumped alongside the parameter wall of the highly guarded GSU Recee Squad Station. It is not clear when the body was dumped. The body of the woman was transferred to the city mortuary.
More details on the murder will be uncovered after the autopsy. There are so many questions the police and investigators in these cases need to ask; who did this? Why did they do it? Why put her in a suitcase? Why dump the suitcase at the GSU? From the massage on her hands, it seems to suggest that her death was because of an involvement with someone’s husband but what if there is more to it?
There has been an increase in crimes of passion with numerous cases being highlighted in the country. At the moment these appear to be a crime of passion but investigations may prove otherwise.

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