The Sweden rally championship is set to begin this week.

photo courtesy of Nation Media Group.

Rally Sweden (24 – 27 February) is well set to provide a stunning winter FIA World Rally Championship round next week with freezing temperatures and no shortage of snow. The World Rally Sweden Championship Rally is the second event of the season, and the first truly winter race. best under extreme conditions, only matched by the Safari Rally on gravel.

Toyota’s Tom Fowler said: “From what we’ve seen, the conditions are quite nice – the snowbanks are in good order. Compared with some of the conditions we’ve seen down the years, this looks like we’re going to be in for a proper winter rally.”

A long-range forecast talks of the potential for heavy snowfall through the recce and in the run-up to the event, with temperatures plunging to -15°C at night and remaining well below freezing through the day.

M-Sport Ford team principal Richard Millener hopes the weather, remains to look good. Mr Millener added that the pre event tests were in Kall and with the mixed weather, they hope to have good roads even if there are some days without snow.

The Kenyan team is taking part in really. The main support team from Nairobi led by the Safari Rally Kenya Chief Executive Officer Phineas Kimathi is set to arrive on Tuesday for the beginning of the rally week.

“We are not expecting McRae Kimathi to get stuck in a snow bank. But should that happen without a towing vehicle, ” Laukkanen said,they will have to use a spade and shovel to clean the clean.

Laukkunen, who is staying with the team, and will facilitate all official requirements of the including documentation, protocol and technical logistics. He is here to ensure that the Kenyans leave a lasting impression in Sweden.

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