Determined orphan report to Mangu with an empty box during Form One Admission’s

Form one admission is usually characterised with long queues of students who troop in with shopping and other admission requirements. However, Omollo could only afford a dictionary, Kamusi and a pair of sports shoes-which had seen better days. A total orphan unaccompanied but determined not to lose his spot in the pristine hight school.  

Kanga School Chief Principal Rueben Kodiango said they had admitted the student and will provide him with basics “as his school fee issue is looked into.”

“We will accommodate him and provide the necessary learning materials. Any well wishes who can come in handy will be of immense help to this boy,” Mr Kodiango said.

Geoffrey Omollo is one of the lucky class eight candidates who can join form one. Yearly many candidates sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary education but, not all of them procced to secondary schools due to high fees despite scholarships from private institutions such as wings to fly and government programs to help the less fortunate.

 There are already long queues at banks, with a rise in the cost of living, there is an outcry from parents of the increase in costs of rim papers, pace setters and other essentials requested by schools as requirements for admission. Apart from costs, there are other concerns with form one admissions, most schools are likely to be crowded, thus students who may report late are likely to miss an admission. Parents and students who live far from the school their children were called to may have to travel for long distances with their children.

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