Dead Male Headteacher in Nyamira.

A male headteacher from Nyamira, Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa was found dead, and his remains were discovered in a carpet and hidden under in a nurse’s house. The investigators on the case discovered suspicious cash withdrawing’s from the victims bank account and they suspect that the money was transferred from Gitangwa’s phone to individuals who took a cut before handing the rest to the suspected killer.

The nurse’s neighbour claims to have overheard loud screams and arguments on the previous day. Its still uncertain as to whether the commotion was caused by Gitangwa and his killer. However, the nurse claimed to be hosting a new year eves party hence the noise. The victim’s body was found mutilated and placed in bean bags before being covered under the carpet. The question is why did Gitangwa’s body end up at the nurse’s house and more importantly why did the nurse disappear?

Ezekiel’s wife reported him missing on December 30, 2022, the same day he was spotted alighting from a boda boda in Nyamira’s Egesieri Village. Police in turn, launched an investigation that led them to the nurse’s residence. Detectives believe the murder might have been a result of a deal gone wrong. So far, two suspects in the case have been arrested and arraigned.

The first suspect, a boda boda rider, received KSh 4,000 from the victim’s phone. He withdrew KSh 3,900 before handing over KSh 3,600 to the suspected murderers. A mobile money agent is the second suspect involved in the suspicious transactions. Money was deposited into her account, which she subsequently withdrew and handed over to the suspects. The primary suspects in the case are the mentioned nurse and her 30-year-old boyfriend who is said to be a National Youth Service (NYS) officer. The pair is still at large.

The detectives are positive they will solve the case and it is my sincere hope that the family of Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa will find justice for the death of their kin.

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