Kenyan Lady Who Defied Boyfriend’s Pregnancy Gets Qatar Job.

Faith Wanjiru has been working as a short-term receptionist in Qatar during the World Cup, but her contract is set to be renewed despite the event coming to an end. Her future looks bright now, but the single mother says she struggled a few years ago after she got pregnant and her then-boyfriend tried forcing her to drop out of campus They broke up, leaving her to struggle with balancing between motherhood, studies, and running a second-hand clothes business until she managed to graduate.

 She is one of the few Kenyans who were lucky to work as part of the subordinate team at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Her contract renewal is surreal because the one thing about her life, many are unaware of are the battles she fought to get to where she is. The fact that she became a single mother because she was rejected by the father of her child when she refused drop out of campus  as  he asked her to.

Wanjiru recalled how she left her baby with a friend while going to class then move around the institution selling clothes in the evening. she remembers how the arrangement worked great for a while, until the friend moved away and she was forced to start attending lessons with the baby  which was very challenging but it is only her resilience that helped her to stand strong when she was almost falling down and quitting. But she knew she had to push on and she did.

 Her second-hand business of clothes is what helped her raise the baby and pay her fees until she graduated in 2021. After all her struggles, the father of her child started wooing her back hoping to rekindle their love, but she turned him down. She expressed her joy at the fact that her current contract ends on January 14, but the company has already given her a new one.  She shared her story hoping to encourage people to have goals  in  life and no matter how hard the situation is to keep on moving and not give up on your dreams nomater what anyone else demands and remember God’s timing is always the best.


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