Josh Wonder Introduces New Girlfriend!

Kenyan content creator Josh Wonder has found love again, following his split with dancer and influencer Ajib Gathoni a few months ago. Earlier this year, Josh and Ajib confirmed that they were no longer together.

Josh later revealed in an interview that Ajib had started seeing other men from and had been unremorseful about her affairs. Despite hoping that Ajib would end her affairs and respect their relationship, Josh eventually reached his breaking point and ended things.

Recently, Josh shared photos on social media with his new girlfriend, Ashley. Fans noticed that Ashley was also present in a photo that Josh and Ajib had shared when they were still together. The new couple can be seen embracing each other romantically and creating new memories together.

Prior to their breakup, Josh and Ajib had founded a clothing line called “Random Wears.” Unfortunately, the brand eventually closed down after the split. When a fan asked Ajib about Josh’s accusations, she claimed that he was lying.

While Josh and Ajib’s relationship may have ended, it’s good to see that Josh has found love again.

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