Sauti Soul Announces Breakup: Farewell Tour and Final Album

Sauti Soul, the renowned music band , has made a significant announcement today, on May 20th, 2023. They have revealed plans for a world tour across the United States, Europe, and Canada, marking their final performances before embarking on an indefinite hiatus. This tour presents a precious opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the music of Sauti Soul one last time before the band members pursue individual creative endeavors.

In their statement, the group expressed their eagerness to explore fresh artistic avenues and embrace personal ventures. However, they assured everyone that their bond and shared businesses will remain intact. Sauti Soul emphasized that the over 20 years they have spent together have been an incredible journey both as artists and as friends. The announcement also mentioned that they will release their last album as a collective this year, 2023.

Upon hearing the news, fans have shared a range of sentiments. Some expressed disappointment, while others extended their best wishes for the future endeavors of the band members. A few were taken aback by the announcement, and there were even those who found it hard to believe. Nonetheless, Sauti Soul’s final performance in the country will take place at the third annual Sol festival in December, creating a memorable farewell experience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see Sauti Sol at their farewell Tour on the following months:

The band members are poised to embark on new paths, armed with their unbreakable bond and cherished memories. Let us celebrate their accomplishments and eagerly await the final album, savoring the magic of Sauti Soul one last time!

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