Brenda Exposes Bahati for Not Paying Her: Demands Compensation of 4 Million from Adhiambo song

In a recent interview, Brenda, a well-known video vixen, revealed her experience working with Bahati, a popular artist. Brenda claims that Bahati’s team promised to pay her for her role in a music video but failed to follow through.

Brenda Otieno

Brenda, a successful businesswoman from Homabay, shared that being a video vixen is an artistic endeavour rather than a simple job. She narrates that she received a call to participate in a music video without knowing the artists involved. Upon arriving at the venue, she discovered it was Bahati’s song featuring Prince Idah. Unfortunately, she had to bring her own clothes because they didn’t provide any.

During the video shoot, Brenda and Bahati agreed on payment after the shoot, but due to time constraints, she reluctantly proceeded without immediate payment, trusting Bahati’s manager to fulfill their agreement. However, when she tried to contact the manager afterward, her calls were blocked. Feeling used and deceived, Brenda decided to seek justice for herself.

After more than a year and a half since the video’s release, Brenda is demanding fair compensation. She insists on receiving 20% of the video’s earnings or having it taken down and also get paid for the 1 and  a half years it has been up. Brenda shares that she initially refrained from speaking out due to threats from Bahati’s team, as he was running for office. However, enough time has passed, and she believes it’s necessary to stand up for herself.

Expressing her disappointment, Brenda highlights that despite discussing her claims on her YouTube channel, Bahati’s team has not reached out or acknowledged her. She firmly believes that artists like Bahati exploit women in the industry and urges the government not to support them if they continue treating women unfairly.

She emphasizes that her motives are genuine, aiming for rightful payment for her contribution to the video.

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